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Xiangtan section intelligent equipment co., LTD

Xiangtan branch set intelligent equipment co., LTD. Is located in the economic zone in xiangtan city of hunan province nine China ShengShi Road6Number,2006Years8Month was established,Registered capital of the yuan1300Ten thousand yuan。Total building area24000 m2,Have professional coating mechanical processing equipment,Electrophoresis、Painting and powder coating processing demonstration line。

The mechanical engineering society director unit is in hunan province、Vice director of surface engineering units in hunan province、Secretary general unit,And take the secretariat of surface engineering society work。

Families have painting intelligent equipment manufacturing company、The coating processing、The coating chemicals sales、The application of coating environmental governance whole industrial chain advantage,Is the most complete in the industry of professional painting, hunan area engineering company。

Focused on four major product lines:Coating production line and coating of the intelligent equipment design、Manufacturing、The installation、Debugging and modification;Automotive and mechanical parts、Hardware、The application of electrical appliances and other products processing;Coating chemical materials sales and technical services;The coating wastewater waste gas treatment。

Establish company is rich(Stock code832546)By professional painting equipment engineering co., LTD,Its predecessor changsha branch technology of surface engineering co., LTD,From the last century90S,Has been completed and put into operation all over the country40A number of large and medium-sized automobile and parts electrophoretic painting line and paint coating line。

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